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I build brands.

I build brands. I put the business names in the heads.

We don’t have to do ads to be successful in marketing. That is the beauty of knowing the Oklahoma market. I mean of course traditionally ads will put customers to products but sometimes you must think outside of the box to make the connection. 📦

What we do is just sell the product and build that brand. Duh 🙄 y’all. I’ve done more with less budget back in the day... Some were priceless acts, because I helped make an unforgettable moment for fans and customers remember the brand for life. Ask me about it. Book your consultation today.

I got you. You got a better plan? I’m waiting...🧐 I am having fun with it really. I love a good challenge and I love to hear my brands at the dinner tables across Oklahoma. That is my goal.

We’ll only take on five projects for now becuase every case is special when a market is forming and time is limited. I cant wait. . . Reach out if your namefita the bull and youd like to grow your brand in Oklahoma.

I have one dispensary I am helping for free. I haven’t told them yet because they have the best flower and I want them to succeed. You could say I am promoting for them. 😘

In a perfect world I would also take on a grow operation brand, a processor brand, other business supplier, service or another business/brand as well. Now that would be an exciting mix. So much to crosspromote and grow the best green products and services. The race to market is on! How will you stake your claim?

Call for more info 970 208 4178
Or email me at

#oklahomabranding #okcannabiz

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