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#Marketing Goals to Consider in 2019

#Marketing Goals to Consider in 2019

#Marketing Goals to Consider in 2019

Setting a goal for your new year in marketing and business strategies is a great idea for any business or brand. Here are a few categories to look at, and watch over time, in your year of branding and business growth.

#Brand: Awareness: Set a realistic goal for 2019. Achieve it by checking back every month to see where you have grown and make adjustments. Write them down. Highlight growth. Revisit monthly and at end of the year.

#Sales: Targeting and channels used. Who do you target? What marketing channels do you use to reach them? Are they creating brand footprint, business or profit? Write them down.

#ROI: Return on investment. Are you getting your money's worth for budget spent on advertising, marketing or social media services? You would look at how much you spend in Google Ads or Social Media services and how much profit is created from those channels of advertising.

Formula used to calculate Return on Investment(ROI):

(#Revenue from ads or advertising budget) - (Advertising Budget Spent / Advertising Budget Spent)

So, if $2,000 was made in profit from a $500 investment in #SocialMediaMarketing,

ROI = $2,000-$500/$500= 3 or 300% Return on #Investment

And, if $5,000 was made in profit from $500 investment in Social Media Marketing,

ROI = $5000-$500/$500= 9 or 900% Return on Investment!

As you can see, it is a good idea to find out if your Advertising budget creates a Return on Investment. Want these kinds of results? Grab a Social Media Marketing package for your business today.

It is no coincidence that we offer a $400 package including $50 in Google Ads + 1000 Insta growth for your fan-base. It is a perfect package for any small business. not only will you make a profit, but you will also increase your brand awareness and grow your online footprint. Includes weekly content creation.

Fans: Gather the number of followers fans and emails to start. Then choose a realistic goal and revisit throughout the year to see if you have hit those goals.

Competition Check: Do it. Check local competition in your market. Find their keywords, make a choice to either compete with them or create a way around them. Ask me about it.

For more info on marketing // or for help with your social media // business goals in 2019 // message or email

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