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Facebook Is Finally Getting Sued for Its Anti-Weed Policies

Facebook Is Finally Getting Sued for Its Anti-Weed Policies

When they do not allow let's say for example, weed brands to advertise, but they allow alcohol, cigarettes or similar to make ads; it seems discriminatory. When they discriminate against any business which technically, you really can't do intentionally, you begin to cross some legal lines. You can't obstruct or get in the way of people making money. Especially if you have a platform like Facebook. Especially if you represent America and especially if you are doing it for alcohol and cigarettes or any sort of poisonous products which cause more harm, but not allowing marijuana, a plant, for reasons that really do not exist any more. The first case will hopefully become the litmus test for the future cases.

I have been branding and marketing here in Oklahoma for green brands and they have not discriminated against my marketing company yet. I am very careful about what I put out. I think they are watching and they are making sure if you are on these platforms that you are following for one, the marijuana marketing laws that have been put into place and two, watching what we are saying to the public since somehow, it is still federally illegal.

I know that almost every dispensary I have visited has had either a facebook page deleted or an instagram account deleted. Its just not right to do that to people when they work hard to build these brands. So far none of my clients have been deleted. 🙏

I have been helping build brands and I do use the two platforms to do this, but it is a risk. I would say you must know as a brand, where to advertise and where to build your brand, there is a difference. There are other ways to get your business out there without buying ads on Facebook or Instagram while still creating an engaging fanbase for your business. I feel they have been somewhat fair to advertisers so far.

What I mean is if you have been in the facebook/instagram ad space for many years, you are okay but if you are new to it you might end up deleted quicker than a seasoned social media who has a facebook business ads account.

Reach out if you want me to help you build your brand without getting deleted. 17 years experience right here to help you understand the marketing and economics laws put in place to protect your business. Just ask me about it. Book your consultation today.

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