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Zoo Amp

Zoo Amp

Which platforms do we use to market? Welp, we have a bunch I have created over the years. Just ask.

I laughed so hard when facebook "gifted" me my page back with 5.3k fans named "ZooAmp" you know, that one brand I built back in the day?

I mean I asked for this url 2009. They gave it to me out of nowhere. I was excited to see it since I did build it from nothing. Now I plan to use it to market to Oklahoman finest. I have two more with over 5k on each on Facebook alone. I was a novice at the time and I gave INNERVISIONS and Zooamp to the company I used to work for, although they are my creations too. I have over 10k and growing on Instagram as well. Not to bad for a girl. I create these niches and they tend to stick even a decade later, as you can see in these accounts.

My thought is if you aren't growing your business or brand on Instagram at least 1000+ a month, then you are not really in the branding race. If you want your brand to be a household name in Oklahoma, you will need to build that household name. That is what I know from experience. If you want help with this, reach out, we're ready and we are now taking clients. 970 208 4178 We can help you with that and we have monthly rates starting as low as $300 a month.

Message or call if you want us to come by and tell you about how we are marketing to #greenOklahoma.

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